Make Events

More Memorable


Having trouble booking? Call our front-desk for help at 1-888-992-SKY1

Meetings & Groups

At Indigo Sky Casino, we can help you plan an event for all ages. We allow accompanied minors into all of our meeting and event spaces which makes this an ideal way to celebrate with loved ones. Our staff are on call to assist with the various aspects of event planning, such as: room selections, table arrangements, menu selections, floral arrangements, table decor and linen selections, entertainment options, meeting accouterments, and more!

Full Service Event Management

We are on call to help you with bar, catering, audio and visual needs, and security. Deposits including a 5% sales tax are required to book and event. We have enough parking to accommodate all of your guests, so start planning!

Email our Hospitality Team to let us know a few details about your event, and we'll get right back to you with a great plan.