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Daubers Ready


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Oklahoma’s best bet for a winning bingo experience can be found right here at Indigo Sky Casino. Indigo Sky Casino sports a 520-seat, state-of-the-art bingo hall that caters to smokers and non-smokers alike. Visit the bingo hall to check out the fun and action or click on the link below to view our Bingo schedule.

September 2017 Indigo Sky Casino Bingo Calendar
October 2017 Indigo Sky Casino Bingo Calendar
2017 Indigo Sky Casino Regular Session Bingo Schedule

Hours of Operation

Sunday Sales: 11:00am
Early Birds - 1:00pm
Sunday Session #1 - 2:00pm
Early Birds - 6:00pm
Sunday Session #2 - 7:00pm

Monday - Friday Sales: 4:00pm
Early Birds - 6:00pm
Session - 7:00pm

Saturday Sales: 3:00pm
Matinee - 4:30pm
Early Birds - 6:00pm
Session - 7:00pm

Tips for First Timers

This is a game with a ton of variations, rules and customs. If you're new to Bingo you're bound to get a little bemused without some pointers. These quick tips will help get you on your way to playing in no time:

  • Yell bingo loud enough for the caller to hear you. You have to alert the caller loud enough to stop the game.
  • Please be sure to keep all of your cell phones on silent or vibrate.
  • If two players have bingo at the same time, the prize money is split.
  • Be sure to stop in at the Bingo Boutique and get your daubers and Bingo supplies you will want to be fully prepared for an exciting session.
  • Make sure you are in clear view of the nearest monitor. You never want to miss a ball call.
  • Grab a program with your buy-in, this will help you to place all of your games in order.
  • Know the rules — this can really give you an advantage on not making any mistakes during game play and missing out on a Bingo.
  • You may only purchase one electronic Tab-e per person.
  • Make the floor clerks aware that you are a new player and they will go to great lengths to make sure you are playing the right games and having a great time.