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Oklahoma’s best bet for a winning bingo experience is here at Indigo Sky Casino. You could win huge jackpots during every gaming session at Oklahoma’s newest casino, which offers special bingo games every day in a luxurious 520-seat, state-of-the-art bingo hall that caters to smokers and non-smokers alike. Visit the Bingo Hall to see when our high stakes and budget games are playing. Click on the link below to check out our Bingo Schedule:

2014 Indigo Sky Casino April Bingo Calendar
2014 Indigo Sky Casino Regular Session Bingo Schedule

Hours of Operation

MONDAY - THURSDAY: Sales open at 4pm, early birds at 6:30pm, session at 7pm
FRIDAY: Sales open at 3:30pm, early birds at 6pm, session at 7pm
SATURDAY: Sales open at 3pm, matinee plays at 4:30pm, early birds at 6pm and session at 7pm
SUNDAY: High stakes sales at 11am, early birds at 1:30pm, session at 2pm
SUNDAY ECONO SALES: Start at 4:30pm, early birds at 6:30pm session at 7pm

Tips for First Timers

This is a game with a ton of variations, rules and customs. If you're new to Bingo you're bound to get a little bemused without some pointers. These quick tips will help get you on your way to playing in no time:

  • Yell bingo loud enough for the caller to hear you. You have to alert the caller loud enough to stop the game.
  • Please be sure to keep all of your cell phones on silent or vibrate.
  • If two players have bingo at the same time, the prize money is split.
  • Be sure to stop in at the Bingo Boutique and get your daubers and Bingo supplies you will want to be fully prepared for an exciting session.
  • Make sure you are in clear view of the nearest monitor. You never want to miss a ball call.
  • Grab a program with your buy-in, this will help you to place all of your games in order.
  • Know the rules — this can really give you an advantage on not making any mistakes during game play and missing out on a Bingo.
  • You may only purchase one electronic Tab-e per person.
  • Make the floor clerks aware that you are a new player and they will go to great lengths to make sure you are playing the right games and having a great time.