Get Your

Daubers Ready


Having trouble booking? Call our front-desk for help at 1-888-992-SKY1

High Stakes BINGO

Grab your good luck charm or lucky dauber and head to Indigo Sky Casino & Resort! We have over 500 seats that includes smoking and non-smoking sections!

March Bingo Calendar HERE
April Bingo Calendar HERE
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Hours of Operation

BINGO 7 days a week with double sessions every Sunday!

Sunday Sales Start at 11:00am

Early Birds Session #1 - 1:00pm
Regular Session #1 - 2:00pm
Early Birds Session #2 - 6:00pm
Regular Session #2 - 7:00pm

Monday - Friday Sales Start at 4:00pm

Early Birds - 6:00pm
Regular Session - 7:00pm

Saturday Sales Start at 3:00pm

Matinee - 4:30pm
Early Birds - 6:00pm
Regular Session - 7:00pm