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Sign up for a GO Rewards Club Card & you’ll receive $7 in GO Rewards Play!

GO Rewards Club

The GO Rewards Card is your red carpet ride through the Indigo Sky Casino experience. Use your points to earn dining, merchandise and gaming rewards throughout the casino. There has never been a better time to join. So what are you waiting for? Take your valid photo ID to the GO Rewards Club and get signed up now!

Are you keeping up with your tier status?

Stop by the GO Rewards Club to see what tier you are eligible for. Accounts are evaluated on an annual basis.

About the GO Rewards Club

Get even more out of Indigo Sky Casino by signing up for a GO Rewards Club card! As a GO Rewards cardholder, you will receive casino perks including points toward free game play and invitations to member-only events and offers! The more you use your GO Rewards Club card while playing and participating in Indigo Sky offers, the more you’ll earn. GO Rewards are redeemable at Shawanoe Restaurant, Creekside Bar & Grill, Sky Grille, Native Grounds, Hotel, and The Gift Shop.

How to Earn GO Rewards

Use your GO Rewards card while you play to earn points. The more you play, the more points you’ll earn, and the more rewards you’ll receive. It’s that easy! Check out this quick guide:

  • Gaming Machines — $5 coin-in on most games = 1 GO Rewards Point
  • Gaming Machines — $10 coin-in on all VGT® games = 1 GO Rewards Point
  • Video Poker — $10 coin-in = 1 GO Rewards Point

Using GO Rewards

The flexibility of GO Rewards enables you to choose how you’d like to redeem the points you’ve earned. Exchange your point balances to receive an array of GO Rewards!

  • Gaming — 100 GO Rewards Points = $1 in GO Rewards Play
  • Dining — 100 GO Rewards Points = $1 in GO Rewards Credit
  • Merchandise — 100 GO Rewards Points = $1 GO Rewards Credit

Club Rules

GO Rewards Club membership is available to anyone at least 18 years of age with valid photo identification. Membership benefits are non-transferable. Please be sure to read the full list of
GO Rewards Club Rules.

Freedom Rewards Program

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